Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 (Objective)
The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the company and users in using DEBUT(hereinafter referred to as the service), a mobile service linked to idol programs provided by TK Media & Culture (hereinafter referred to as the company).

Article 2 (definition)
1. "Service" refers to the DEBUT-related services of TK Media & Culture, which the company provides directly to the members or with a partnership within the smart phone terminal application.
Article 3 (Efficiency and Change of Terms)
1. This Agreement takes effect by the company issuing it through the initial service screen or notifying the members individually through other methods of electronic mail.
Article 4 (Analysis and regulations of the terms and conditions)
1. The company can set separate service terms and policies for each service. In the event that the contents of the service are supplemented with the main terms and conditions for each service are applied first and foremost.
Article 5 (Apply for Use)
1. Users wishing to use the service apply to use the member system of the service allowed by companies such as Kakao and Facebook.
Article 6 (Approval of application for use)
1. Users who wish to be "members" must apply for the use of personal information required for the provision of "service" and by means of agreeing to the main terms and conditions.
Article 7 (Personal Information Protection)
1. The company implements a personal information protection policy by changing related laws that the information communication service provider must comply with, such as the "Telecommunications Secrets Protection Act," the Telecommunications Business Act, the Public Information Network Act, and the Personal Information Protection Act. However, in addition to official services operated by TK Media & Culture, banner ads and other services connected through other links, this Agreement and the Company's Privacy Policy are not applied.
Article 8 (Change of Contracts)
1. The members can view and modify their personal information at any time through the personal information management screen. However, some information, such as the required ID, cannot be modified for the management and maintenance of the service.

Article 9 (Management of member ID and password)
1. The member is responsible for the management of the member ID and password, not for use by a third party.
Article 10 (Company obligations)
1. The company enables a member who does not have a special situation to use the service on the day that he or she applied for the service use.
Article 11 (A member's obligation)
1. The members shall comply with the relevant statutes, the Cabinet Agreement and the regulations, the service information and service related to the notification or notice, and shall not commit acts that interfere with the business of other companies.
Article 12 (Provisions for services, etc.)
1. The company provides the following services to the members.
①  TV broadcasting content-based services (VOD, AOD, ON-air, Clip, Text, etc.)
② Communication services such as community, chat, club, blog studio, etc., and music service
③ Voting, quiz, game, and priority service related to credit rating
④ All services provided to members through other companies' plans to add value or through partnership agreements with other companies
Article 13 (Change of service, etc.)
1. The company can change all or all of the services provided according to operational and technical needs.
Article 14 (Information provision)
1. The company can provide various information to the members through notification, e-mail, push alarm, etc.
Article 15 (Use Fee Service)
1. The company provides free and free services. You can use the service provided by the company and the partnership by paying the fees specified in the applicable information.

Article 16 (A member's publication)
1. The company can delete, move, or register information (hereinafter referred to as 'issue') generated, published, or registered characters, documents, drawings, or combinations of voice or others within the service. If it is determined that the company is in accordance with 1 of the arc, it can be deleted or registered without prior notice.
Article 17 (copyright of publications)
1. The member's right to create the items under the service shall be vested in the author of the publication. 

Article 18 (Inheritance of Rights)
1. Copyright for services and other intellectual property rights are vested in the company. However, the contents provided based on the member's publication and other partnership agreements are excluded if the MBC Plus broadcasting program is not directly promoted.
Article 19 (Transaction with advertising magazines and advertising stocks)
1. The company can publish advertisements in the form of banner ads in the mobile service service area operated and managed by the company, e-mail to members, and other service provision processes.

Article 20 (Service hours)
1. In principle, the company can use the service 24 hours a day without any special technical delays. However, the date or time that the company decided does not apply due to the need for regular inspection, etc.
Article 21 (Responsibility for the use of services)
The members cannot operate business activities to sell products or products through service use except in cases in which they are allowed in detail through a written form by the company's authorized employees, especially through hacking, money-making advertisements, pornographic websites, and illegal distribution of commercial S/W. The company shall not be held liable for the consequences and losses of business activities incurred and for the restraining and other legal actions taken by the related agencies.
Article 22 (Stop service provision, etc.)
1. In case of free service, the company can modify or suspend all or all of the service according to the company's needs.
Article 23 (Limited Contracts and Restrictions on Use)
1. When a member wants to sign a service contract, all information related to the member's account activities, including withdrawal completion of personal information, chambers, letters, and similar information, and information related to purchase of a coupon, cannot be deleted. In the event that a member enters into a contract, all personal information related to the service, account activity information, and purchase related information will be deleted as soon as the company retains the member information in accordance with the related statutes and the company's personal information handling policy, and excluded from the service use records, voting, etc. and event related participation records.
Article 24 (damage compensation)
1. In relation to the loss or damage incurred by the members in the process of using the free service provided by the company, the company assumes responsibility for damages related to the beneficiary caused by the failure or negligence. However, the company shall not be responsible for compensation to itself for not being able to use the member's free service.
Article 25 (Exemption clause)
1. In the event that the company cannot provide the service due to the force majeure or other reasons that are not responsible for the change or transfer of the natural property, the company shall be responsible for the provision of the service.

Article 26 (Reference Act and the Court of Appeal)
1. The Korean People's Republic of Korea law shall be applied to a lawsuit filed between the company and its members.

(Enforcement date) This Agreement will be applied from July 15, 2019.